The Gift of Blog: Perfect for today’s economy


8cacrko6ecatnep4wcaapbirlca03y9dnca3wh181caidesbncaruu6vpcarfh1ggcaoq1l0scayzyamzca9r04t8ca0riyktcaiavvvccawanc7hcao33wiocaml6294ca0ys81kcafvly4yca9hrqffcama2gqv2In my last blog I talked about how my present to my mom this holiday was going to be showing her how to set up her own blogsite. 

Sorry to say my mom decided she didn’t really want to blog.  Disappointing, but not unexpected. 

But then on CNN today I was listening to some guy talk about how to save money during these tough economic times, and guess what he suggested doing?  Finding gifts that took time, not money, for your friends and family.  He came up with giving a massage to your spouse. 

That’s one way to go.  But you probably can’t (or shouldn’t) be giving massages to too many people!  So, that’s when it hit me that I was onto something.  This holiday season, give the gift of blog.  It doesn’t cost a thing and whoever you give it to will so appreciate having someone sit beside them and teach them how to blog.  And just think if even one out of every 20 people turn someone they care about onto blogging — the ultimate in social media.

Right?  (And by the way, if you start seeing WordPress and others promoting this idea, you’ll know it started here!)


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