Why my mother (and maybe yours) should blog

My mom, the world-class e-mailer

My mom, the world-class e-mailer

I started my blog a month ago.  From there I got on Facebook for fun and LinkedIn for business.  I used Technorati to choose which blogs to subscribe to and Google Reader to have one place to see new posts from my favorite blogs.  I use WordPress for my bloghost and PollDaddy to post questions.  I read others’ blogs and from time-to-time post comments on them.  I monitor my stats, use Flickr and YouTube for photos and videos, and I occasionally rate my favorites on Delicious or Digg.  I even joined a couple forums, and signed up for Twitter (which I don’t yet like).

It’s been a busy month.  I actually think I can feel my brain growing new cells or improving their connections!  I have found benefits both personally and professionally and tonight I want to focus on ways that people can use social media just for fun.    

As I’m writing this, my mother (who is 79 and who is awesome at e-mail) has sent me three different e-mails.  Two have editorials about the election and one is asking what we’d like to eat at Thanksgiving.  I want to dedicate this post to my mom.  In fact, I’ll write her a letter: 

Dear mom, 

You should start a blog.  I know you don’t want alot of strangers seeing what you are saying.  That’s okay.  You can have a blog that only the people you want to see it can subscribe to it.  But a blog is a zillion times better than e-mail for you (and your family and friends) and here’s why.

First, instead of sending lots of individual e-mails, you can post things to your blog for all of us to see.  And next to each editorial, you can even comment on it.  I love the editorials you choose to send me, but if you instead upload all of them on a blog, I don’t have to open and close 5 different e-mails — they’re all in one place.  (They are also easier for me to find and pass onto someone else.) 

The same is true when you see a YouTube video you like or you want to share photos of the NY Botanical Gardens.  In fact, you can upload your favorite photos right tere and include captions.  It will look really cool. 

Plus, when you want to know what people think about something, you can even use PollDaddy to make an interactive survey instantly and it will even automatically tally the results.  So, you can figure out right away what our favorite movies are to see together or what time each of us is arriving for a visit.  

Then, you can write a post about something you’ve been thinking about and any or all of us can comment back.  It’s a really nice way to easily hear from everyone without having tons of separate e-mails going back and forth. 

Also, blogs have archives and so all in one place you can have a record of all the different posts and replies.  It’s like a living journal you would be creating. 

So, if you like this idea, as your early holiday present, I can help you design your own blog and then set it up to invite whoever you want to subscribe to it.  That means that each day, we could go to our reader and see whatever new posts you’ve put up all right there. 

And mom, as my most faithful reader on this blog, why don’t you send me a reply back here?  If others see your response (and be kind), it may inspire them to give the gift of blogging too! 

Love ya



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