The Blog-Off: Bloomies vs. Saks


Well, this is likely to be a very short post.  You know why?  I wanted to compare the blogs of two high-end department stores — Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Guess what?  Not a blog in site.

Why?  Both these stores are constantly reaching out to their customers — offering personal sales, exclusive pre-sales, trunk shows, insider magazines.  And yet — no blogs.

I really don’t get it.  There are so many fashion blogs — especially during Fashion Week.  Why wouldn’t these stores encourage their designer apparel buyers, for example, share their insights with us — tell us about their buying trips, and what we can expect. 

Are they just behind the curve and in a year-or so they’ll figure it out?  Or is there some rational reason that, with all the ways they try to build loyalty, blogging hasn’t occurred to any of them? 

So, Bloomies vs Saks in the blog-off?  It’s a no-show.  Can someone explain this to me?


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