The 1st Blog-Off: Redskins vs Cowboys

Redskins vs Cowboys

Redskins vs Cowboys

I’ll start by admiting that I’m a diehard Redskins fan.  But I don’t play fantasy football or Madden 09, and so I came up with another way to have them battle it out (okay, virtually battle it out.)  I’ve chosen the Redskins and the Cowboys for my first blog-off.  Which team has got the better blog.  (And yes, I’ve got my fingers crossed it’s the Redskins!)

I found their respective blogs: The Redskins Blog and The True Blue Fan Club and then checked out the number of unique visitors on   I was stunned.  While both had only started their blogs in mid-May, the Redskins had about 20,000 unique visitors, the Cowboys had more than 160,000. 

Round 1, the Cowboys.

Next, I clicked on the Cowboys’ blog and looked to see who writes it.  All it said was that Cowboys’ staff contribute to the blog.  There’s no description of who these staff people are and it’s written like a string of news items.  Items like Tony Romo only threw a few passes today. Pretty dull.  Surprisingly, they had tons of comments in response to their posts.  These poor Cowboys’ fans are desperate to hear about their team.

Meanwhile, the Redskins’ blog left the Cowboys in the dust in terms of the quality of the blog.  Rather than just posting some news tidbits by random staff, it has a single author who blogs on the “sights and sounds at Redskins Park.”  He’s really connecting the fans with the team.  And while he doesn’t get tons of comments, there’s definitely a respectable number. 

A terrific thing about the Redskins’ blog is that right away it tells you who the team’s blogger is:  Matt Terl, a lifelong Redskins fan whose job it is to go to Redskins Park each day and get the kinds of stories that fans would love to know but that the media doesn’t typically cover.  And contrary to the Cowboys’ clog, Matt says right away:

This is not a news blog.  This blog will not be exclusively devoted to on-the-field activity, nor exclusively to practice, injuries or anything like that. 

He knows you can get that anywhere.  He goes the extra distance.  So, for quality of content and blog personality, it’s no contest.  The Redskins all the way.

Next, site design, navigation, headlines, photos, once again it’s hail to the Redskins.  They clearly made a great decision hiring Matt and you can tell they value his blog. 

Just check it out yourself:  here’s a sample headline from the Redskins’ blog:

“Snoop Dogg and Devin Thomas Make Me Feel Old”Compare this to a Cowboys blog headline:  Romo Misses Practice, Listed as Questionable.  (Wow, that’s just sad.)

So, final score?  28 to 3 (4 TDs to 1 FG).  Redskins WIN!!!!!



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  1. Thanks for the kind words. Glad you’re enjoying the blog.

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