The Great Blog-Off: You Be the Judge


I recently discovered a terrific blog feature called “Bloggers Face-Off“.  Every week Daniel Scocco  has 2 famous bloggers answer some quick questions, which are presented side by side.  Bloggers vote for their favorite.

I love this concept, but I’d like to add a twist:  A blog-off with famous rivals like Coke and Pepsi, Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys, McCain and Obama to see who has the best blog.   

Now, since these guys are unlikely to let me pose questions to them, I thought I’d choose 5 – 10 criteria to rate the blogs on and then see how they score.  But I can’t do this alone.  What do you think are the best factors to rate these rivals’ blogs on?  Should it include: 

  • quality of the writing?
  • great headlines?
  • look of the site? 
  • ease of navigating?
  • popularity?
  • ability to generate great comments? 
  • thought-provoking?

And whose blogs should we pit against one another?  How about top PR agencies like Burson-Marsteller and Hill & Knowlton?  Or CNN vs MSNBC?  The Simpsons vs Family Guy?

Let me know — together I think we can make this really great.


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