Blogging — ADHDers Paradise or Hellhole?


Multi-tasking or ADHD.  The first sounds so much better, doesn’t it?  Like you’re purposely taking on 18 things to do simultaneously.  ADHD, meanwhile, makes it sound like you’d like to focus on one thing at a time but hey, did you see that pretty butterfly?

Whatever.  Web 2.0 and blogging put the world at the speed I like to go.  Woosh — check out GoogleReader.  Immediately find what all my favorites have to say.  Scroll through at supersonic speeds til I hit something of interest.  Click, read, respond, and move onto the next.  It’s awesome.

Then flipover to my own blog.  Go to My Account, hit “stats” and instantly discover how many people checked what I wrote a few hours ago.  Damn, it’s 2 a.m. and no one’s read my new post.  What are they doing, sleeping?

Time to upload photos, checkout YouTube, see what’s happening on Facebook, and move on.  Thank God I have friends and family in the Philippines, California, London, and four other time zones. 

I wonder what therapists think about this?  Will FDA say that blogging is contraindicated for people with ADHD?  (While I’ve never been diagnosed with it, spend 5 minutes with me and I dare you to come up with another explanation.) 

Will it fry my brain that much faster?  Will it send me into overdrive?  Or, is it like taking my golden retriever Reilly on a long walk in the deep woods — just what he needs to work out all that excess energy?  Does it boost creativity or just cause it to ooze all over the floor?

My fingers are itching to hit the “publish” button — so I gotta go.  Let me hear what you think.


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