Are the Blog Haters Right?


Yesterday I posted some feedback I received from a good friend questioning my recent immersion into blogging and social media.  Today I heard from another friend who was stunned to hear what I’ve been up to. 

Here’s just the start of what he said:

What the h*ll are you doing? You are a well adjusted socially-ept mother of three who I believe has friends. Friends that live and breathe, that you have had actual social interaction with in the physical realm…

What I found fascinating is that these two friends have little, if anything, in common.  One is a 54-year-old married, American creative director and writer; the other is half his age, single, and a British financial analyst.  And yet, both feel strongly that social media is a superficial and inferior way of communicating.  

Sitting here at midnight, quietly thinking about what they said, I feel that their criticism is worth considering.  Twitter, in particular, seems to me to be taking things too far.  We’ve now moved from rapid texting our friends to sharing every half-thought that pops into our heads to anyone who wants to follow us.  At some point, shouldn’t we care about the quality of our thoughts rather just the rapid deployment of them?

On the other hand, I really like that social media is a way for people to think about and share ideas with others and then see what others think in turn.  What, is sitting glued to the TV better?

So for me, for now, I’m going to keep exploring social media.  I think it’s got lots to offer, and I like how it forces me to think about things and learn from others, including people I’ve never met.  But what do you think?  Where should we draw the line?  



One Response to “Are the Blog Haters Right?”

  1. Sharon

    Welcome to the sinkhole that is blogging. Ignore your critics. You are a natural. It’s fun, just time consuming. I look forward to reading you regularly.

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