Do bloggers have to sacrifice their privacy?


I’m really enjoying social media.  I love finding great sites like ProBlogger and even when I’m not posting or reading others’ posts, I’m thinking about it.  It’s addictive, isn’t it?

But here’s my question.  Is the only way to be able to have lots of conversations with people on their blogs, on your blog, is if you use Facebook and Tweeter and other social networks?  See, I’m comfortable with Facebook among my friends — people I know personally.  But the idea of opening all that up — my personal space — to others who are interested in the issue I blog on (social media) is just a little uncomfortable and even scary.

So, here’s what I’d like to ask:

  • Is there a line you can draw between your personal space online and your blogging life?
  • What forms of social media must you engage in to interest people in your blog?
  • Does anyone relate to this concern of mine, and if so, how have you handled it?

I’d really appreciate your insights on this.  Thanks so much.


2 Responses to “Do bloggers have to sacrifice their privacy?”

  1. Hi Sharon,

    I came across your blog while tag surfing and I felt the need to respond to your post. First, I think once you blog, your blog becomes public no matter how personal you want it to be. I would assume the only option to make it a personal blog, is to make it “friends only” or require a password to view. But why would you want only a select few to hear what you want to say, if you have something really personal, don’t write it on a Web site, tell a loved one.

    I don’t think we have much personal space on the net.

    I share your concerns. I blog about public relations and being in gen. Y. I never say anything detailed about work nor do I even say anything about coworkers – but once I received a call at work from a coworker and he just starts rambling off things I blogged about. It took me by complete surprise. Keep in mind, I never once told him I had a blog. So point of the story is, any one can find anything you post on the internet, so word wisely. But you already know that.

    Finally, the way I promote my blog is via Twitter and Facebook. Twitter I’m friends with a lot of PR professionals and facebook just personal friends. Hopefully people read and like what I have to say. Regardless, whether people read or don’t, it’s just another way for us to write and express our opinions.

  2. Hi Brian,

    I definitely agree with you that you don’t have much personal space on the net, and since I do want to have a public blog, I just have to suck it up! But I also found it helpful that you keep Facebook just for personal friends. That definitely makes me feel more comfortable — especially because I feel that the friends who write to me on Facebook would be happier knowing I wasn’t sharing their information with the world.

    By the way, I really like your blog, especially the post about the power of twitter (oops — I don’t know how to link when leaving a reply so here’s the url: I have played around with twitter a little bit but have not really figured it out and your description of following the photographer posted in front of Biden’s house really helped me. Thank you.

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