Can you Vizu? Apparently, not me.


So, I was looking at The Viral Garden for some ideas, and on the sidebar I noticed a really cool interactive poll.  It looked really cool and I thought, “I wanna do that.  Maybe more people will come and visit and give me their ideas.”  So, I found out that Vizu and Poll Daddy Poll both let you instantly design your own polls that you then can pop on your blog.

First, I used Vizu and loved how it looked.  But, I must have tried 200 times and 2 hours later (it’s 1 a.m. now) and nothing.  Every time I exported it, all it did was show the words Opinion Polls and Market Research — without a poll. 

I switched to Poll Daddy Poll, which has partnered with WordPress, and it worked, but the look of the poll was pretty lame.  So, here I have this great poll but you can’t see it. 

I figured out the problem, just not the solution.  Every time I copied the whole long HTML code into the text box, half of the code disappeared after I saved it.  Incomplete code, no poll.

So, thanks to Vizu, I’m exhausted and sad.   If I had paid anything for their service, I’d make them give it to me for free.  Anyone else try using Vizu and WordPress together?  Any tips?


One Response to “Can you Vizu? Apparently, not me.”

  1. 1 Helper

    i believe the Vizu problem is around flash vs. javascript. does not present flash files (why you only saw the links). Did you try the poll in sidebar and post?

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