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Well, this is likely to be a very short post.  You know why?  I wanted to compare the blogs of two high-end department stores — Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue. Guess what?  Not a blog in site. Why?  Both these stores are constantly reaching out to their customers — offering personal sales, exclusive pre-sales, trunk shows, […]

I’ll start by admiting that I’m a diehard Redskins fan.  But I don’t play fantasy football or Madden 09, and so I came up with another way to have them battle it out (okay, virtually battle it out.)  I’ve chosen the Redskins and the Cowboys for my first blog-off.  Which team has got the better blog.  (And yes, I’ve got my fingers crossed it’s the Redskins!) I […]

I recently discovered a terrific blog feature called “Bloggers Face-Off“.  Every week Daniel Scocco  has 2 famous bloggers answer some quick questions, which are presented side by side.  Bloggers vote for their favorite. I love this concept, but I’d like to add a twist:  A blog-off with famous rivals like Coke and Pepsi, Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys, McCain and Obama to see who has the […]

Today’s New York Times’ story, “The Man Behind the Whispers About Obama,” reveals the source responsible for planting the lie about Barack Obama being a Muslim, a lie that continues to this day to get alot of traction in certain circles. The most persistent falsehood about Senator Barack Obama’s background first hit in 2004 just two weeks after […]

Multi-tasking or ADHD.  The first sounds so much better, doesn’t it?  Like you’re purposely taking on 18 things to do simultaneously.  ADHD, meanwhile, makes it sound like you’d like to focus on one thing at a time but hey, did you see that pretty butterfly? Whatever.  Web 2.0 and blogging put the world at the speed I […]

Yesterday I posted some feedback I received from a good friend questioning my recent immersion into blogging and social media.  Today I heard from another friend who was stunned to hear what I’ve been up to.  Here’s just the start of what he said: What the h*ll are you doing? You are a well adjusted socially-ept mother […]

So I just told some friends that I started a blog and worked on it most every night between midnight and 2 a.m.  I asked for their thoughts.  I heard lots of positive feedback, some suggestions, and the following comment written by a friend who is a top copywriter, creative director, screenwriter — a very talented guy.  But here’s […]