When to blog


Just read a great article about how fast a business should enter social media and how to do so.  Here’s just a piece from “Which Comes First, the Policy or the Blog?:   

  • Social media—tools like blogging, podcasting, tags, wikis, and online networks that defy marketing tradition and rely on immediacy, authenticity, and community—cannot be delegated to an agency. You might get outside guidance, but ultimately the responsibility resides within, requiring that you build your own, internal expertise.
  • Social media must be experienced firsthand and then perfected over time. It has to be figured out.
  • Social media doesn’t get turned on and off. Rather, it requires slow and consistent building over time—adding content, developing credibility, strengthening voice, and maintaining presence over time.
  • Social media takes personal commitment. It takes an individual to champion the regular posting of content, to channel the passion, to develop a voice—individual or corporate, to establish credibility.
  • Social media is not for every organization.

So, if you’re head of a small business or nonprofit, start blogging, start responding to others, make your voice heard.  Then, as you grow more comfortable (and you learn so fast by doing it), you can decide if you should make social media an official function. 


One Response to “When to blog”

  1. Sharon, thanks for highlighting these points on when to blog. I really appreciate that you enjoyed the article. Best, CB

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