Results of my efforts to launch a blogger program in one day


Mack Collier, a well-known social media expert, wrote an article called “How to Launch a Blogger Program in One Day.”

In this article he gave step-by-step directions for launching a program beginning at 9 a.m.  I decided to follow his instructions and see how it would work.  I used a national non-profit organization on hearing loss as my test.  While organizations or companies that focus on young people or trendy products are more obviously suited to a social media program, I wanted to see how effective it would be with a smaller entity targeted to baby boomers and older people.  So here’s what happened.

First step of launching a blogger program:  Between 9 and 11 a.m., Mack said to use Technorati or Google Blog Search to search for blogs with posts mentioning the organization in the last two weeks.  If I find more than 20 posts, he explained who to focus in on.   

Results:  I went to Google Blog Search first.  It showed 4 sites in the last month, a few hundred ever posted.  Of the latest, two were strictly commercial, one was unrelated, and one had just a couple of posts and it was difficult to see if it was a blog or a website.  I didn’t think that Goggle Blog Search was very helpful at providing information about the type of site I was looking at or the popularity of the site.  Aside from a couple of YouTube videos posted by the organization, I only found a few sites that might be interesting, but they hardly reached anyone.

Then I checked out Technorati and did the same search.  It showed 18 blogs overall (only 1 in the last month).  While it provided better information about the sites, only 1 or 2 seemed at all interesting and none were very popular.

So, the results from  above made step 2 seem not particularly useful.  (Step 2 is to contact all 20 sites, thank them, and try to begin getting on their radar.)  No point really in doing that with these sites.  Made me think that 1) this organization was way below the radar, 2) to identify better sites for blogging, I probaby should move away from those simply mentioning the organization and check out those talking about hearing loss overall.  Alternatively, maybe social media isn’t right for this older target audience.  

So, rather continuing forward with the remaining steps, I’ve decided to go with my second option above and try the process again — this time checking out “hearing loss” and seeing how that works.  Unfortunately, I’ve used up half my day doing this and so I’ll have to try again another day when I have more time.

In the meantime, I still really like Mack’s approach but I wish that technorati communicated information in a more useful manner.  Couldn’t it list the various sites from most-to-least popular?  Or couldn’t it make it more clear what the site is I’m looking at — a news site, a blog, a company site, etc?


3 Responses to “Results of my efforts to launch a blogger program in one day”

  1. Appreciate your taking the time to do this! For many smaller businesses or organizations, there might not be any online chatter yet about them. I think this could actually be a good sign that the business/organization should consider starting a blog. That way, instead of reacting to existing conversations, the biz/organization could create their own conversations!

    BTW I think that TRati let’s you rank links according to authority. But not by most recent and authority at the same time.

  2. Wow, Thank you Mack for checking out what I said and sending me a reply. I’m honored! I went to check out what you said about Technorati and that’s when I found the State of the Blogosphere Report. That had lots of good information too.

  3. Hi, Sharon. This posting is really helpful, and so is your blog. My blog – Retail Hits and Misses ( is about the retail customer experience. I have sort of stumbled upon the idea of contacting bloggers and publications who cover similar ground or whose stories inspire or somehow relate to mine. I did not do it systematically, though, and am going to try that next.

    Here’s an idea for you that has worked for me: in checking out magazines that cover relevant topics, I found one that did not appear to have a blog or links to blogs. I wrote the editor asking whether they in fact did have a blog that I couldn’t find or were interested in linking to mine since I had written a posting that referenced one of his magazine’s stories. He got back to me and asked if I would be a regular guest writer in his magazine! Needless to say, I am flattered and we are in the process of negotiating exactly what that might look like. Links to my blog will be one of my prerequisites.

    Keep up the good work, and please feel free to take a look at my blog and suggest ways to make it better!

    All the best, Judy

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