Why does no one know (or care) that I’m blogging?


My feelings are officially hurt. 

Today is day 4 of my blogging.  I’m blogging about what bloggers should care most about — blogging.

I’ve identified the blog and social media experts.  I’ve linked to them.  I’ve sited them.  I’ve even praised them.

Still nothing.

If you guys are such experts on blogging, why don’t you care that I’m desperately trying to chronicle the life of a new blogger?  I’m blogging my heart out.  I’m doing what you tell me to do (although, frankly, it’s still confusing as hell).

Don’t tell me it takes time.  Don’t tell me to be patient.  I don’t want to hear “blog and they shall come.”  I want you to come to my blog now.  That’s what blogging is about.  Real time.  Not later, now.

So, I will make a list of the real social media gurus.  It will consist of those of you who link, blog, subscribe and whatever else to my site first.  The competition starts now.

Chris BroganChris Brogan (look I even included your image), Chris Abraham, Mack Collier, and the rest of you.  I’m calling you out.


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