Introducing Turbo-Blog


It’s my fourth day of blogging.  On one hand there is more information out there on how to blog and use social media than one could ever imagine.

On the other hand, it continues to be really confusing.

And it suddenly occurs to me what I want — how about TurboBlog?  You know TurboTax?  Suddenly, even if you don’t understand the tax code, hate filling out the tax forms, you can do your own taxes.  TurboTax asks the right questions (are you single, married, filing jointly, etc.) and basically it walks you through the whole process.  If you have children, it automatically prompts you to take deductions. 




That’s what I need for social media.  I go to a site, it asks me what I want to do and lists various options.  If I don’t understand a particular option, I click on it and get a brief description.  Based on what I click, it decides what services I need — maybe WordPress for blogging, maybe Technorati for identifying other blogs of interest, or Twitter for microblogging. 

I think that would be so cool.  What about you?


One Response to “Introducing Turbo-Blog”

  1. 1 Mike

    Great idea. Hope someone will create TurboBlog soon.

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