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Mack Collier, a well-known social media expert, wrote an article called “How to Launch a Blogger Program in One Day.” In this article he gave step-by-step directions for launching a program beginning at 9 a.m.  I decided to follow his instructions and see how it would work.  I used a national non-profit organization on hearing loss […]



When to blog


Just read a great article about how fast a business should enter social media and how to do so.  Here’s just a piece from “Which Comes First, the Policy or the Blog?:    Social media—tools like blogging, podcasting, tags, wikis, and online networks that defy marketing tradition and rely on immediacy, authenticity, and community—cannot be delegated […]

It’s my fourth day of blogging.  On one hand there is more information out there on how to blog and use social media than one could ever imagine. On the other hand, it continues to be really confusing. And it suddenly occurs to me what I want — how about TurboBlog?  You know TurboTax?  Suddenly, even […]

My feelings are officially hurt.  Today is day 4 of my blogging.  I’m blogging about what bloggers should care most about — blogging. I’ve identified the blog and social media experts.  I’ve linked to them.  I’ve sited them.  I’ve even praised them. Still nothing. If you guys are such experts on blogging, why don’t you […]

The frustration has intensified.  Some of WordPress is a cinch and takes only seconds; other parts of it are unexplicably confusing.  Fortunately, I came across Chris Abraham’s 45 minute video walking you through the basics of setting up a blog and adding your first entries.  I highly recommend it for anyone trying to begin using […]

A few days into learning all I can about social media. I’m learning a bit about lots of tools to use, but I don’t think I understand the big picture.  I really wish I could have someone how me understand the best way to breakdown social media.  I’ve seen some talk about it as 1) listening, 2) […]